Arya Iranpour

web developer, organizer, comms specialist, dogooder.

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Arya Iranpour

web developer, organizer, comms specialist, dogooder.

Certified Full-Stack Web Developer

cStreet Campaigns

  • Developed comprehensive digital solutions on NationBuilder’s content- and customer relations management platform for clients
  • Design and development of digital experiences built with a combination of HTML, SCSS, Shopify's Liquid templating language and JavaScript, ensuring UX tailored to specific calls-to-action based on client objectives
  • Rails/JavaScript custom app development utilizing API integrations both to extend NationBuilder capabilities and to build custom solutions to unique client needs (including Twitter, MailChimp, BeanStream payment processing)
  • Streamlining support services by undertaking comprehensive quality control testing of products (websites, applications and email templates), ensuring they are responsive and cross- browser and platform compatible
  • Agile development methodologies for enhancing cooperation among staff and communication with clients

Founding Engineer

SourceRise (Startup)

  • Co-founded a startup to enable prospective media (journalists and bloggers) to access “on-the-ground” expert sources, communicating and building a network to collect newsworthy stories
  • Backend development utilizes Ruby on Rails, front-end design is a mix of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX
  • Led three-person team to build minimally-viable beta product, using pair-programming principles, Git & GitHub to collaborate and increase efficiency
  • Promotional video is available here

Communications Officer

Trickle Up

  • Sole managing officer of the communications department responsible for all outputs
  • Drafting and producing collateral, including the online annual report, publications, press releases, outreach pieces and e-alerts, collaborating with multiple internal departments and outside vendors
  • Launch, development, and continuous maintenance of Trickle Up’s website, Wordpress blog, SEO, Google Adwords and Analytics, social fundraising, website development, multimedia content, and social media
  • Cultivating online relationships to build organization’s brand through advocacy media campaigns including the New York Times and Huffington Post
  • Logistics management at various events: annual gala (20% of organization’s revenue), 2011 Emerging Markets Charity Ball (raised over $100K), volunteer fundraisers, thought-leader panels with MasterCard WorldWide and JPMorgan Chase, and conferences such as the InterAction Forum and Microfinance USA

Project Associate

Global Relief Technologies

  • Served on a 4-person team of NYU Wagner graduate candidates to develop strategies that enhance the training, support and deployment of technology to streamline communications, decision-making, and the efficient use of resources in crisis situations for disaster and humanitarian relief organizations
  • Produced a literature review and survey, and conducted interviews, in order to develop recommendations that enhance these practices to reflect the limitations faced in extreme environments
  • Designed, edited and published a best practices manual for standardization and distribution among clientele, available here

Marketing Consultant

Human Rights Watch

  • Designed a marketing plan to refine Human Rights Watch’s donor cultivation program for encouraging greater contributions from high profile 5-figure donors, while also bringing in new ones
  • Undertook an internal organizational review, environmental scan, SWOT analysis, and created a budget and implementation plan for the new marketing strategy

Social Media Consultant

Islands First

  • Served on 6-person team to create and manage an advocacy campaign for the sinking small island developing states through the use of online social media
  • Designed an interactive Google Earth layer that showed the devastating effects of climate change on these islands, as well as a Facebook page and Twitter campaign to deliver the product to the public
  • Assembled a comprehensive marketing strategy that would help Islands First expand project with no financial investment necessary, through the use of the Google Earth Foundation
  • Published in the New York University Wagner Review, available here


Bitmaker Labs

Full Stack Web Developer
HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails & JavaScript

New York University

Master's in Public Adminstration
International Public Management and Communications

McGill University

Bachelor of Arts
Joint Honours in Political Science and International Development

Rails App Development

JavaScript App Development

responsive website development

website design


print design

SourceRise is the Winner of the Editors Lab and Startups For News Final 2015

SourceRise won the Startups for News 2015 competition in Barcelona, Spain, on Friday. The Startups for News programme is an international competition rewarding the most innovative startups disrupting the media industry.

Women's Savings Groups in Guatemala "Trickle Up" To Fight Poverty

The ultrapoor—those who live on $1.25 a day or less—are characterized by insufficient and irregular income, high vulnerability to shocks, chronic food insecurity, and poor health. For most people living in these conditions, there are no insurance programs to fall back on in the event of an emergency. If disaster strikes, families are often forced to sell what few assets they have and take out the only loans they have access to those with very high interest rates. All of which leads them further into poverty. How can anyone save money in a situation like this?

One Database to Rule Them All

It’s no secret that change requires money, and the best changemakers are often the ones who don’t just go online to get their supporters to donate, but are also smart about it.

Best Practices From a Small Nonprofit on the Big Corporate Social Responsibility Trend

Can tea and running shoes help the poorest of the poor? Well, no. Not exactly. But if you put corporate social responsibility (CSR) into the mix, you have a recipe for a unique business strategy that supports sustainable development. Over these past five years, our relationships with Newtown Running and Plan Tea have matured and guided us. Trickle Up now has guidelines for good CSR that every business should employ.

Financial Inclusion Means Hope

When we talk about financial inclusion, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable, it's as much to do with having working capital to bettering your life, as it does with hope.

Note From Mali: Trickle Up Programs Empower People With Disabilities

Published on USAID's Microlinks hub, this post looks at my nonprofit's, Trickle Up, efforts in empowering people with disabilities. Trickle Up's mission is to work with the extreme poor, those who live on less than $1.25 a day, begin sustainable businesses through grants, training and savings programs. People with disabilities (PwDs) in the developing world, and especially in places like Mali, live in a catch-22; extreme poverty worsens their disabilities (especially in their childhood development), and being disabled exacerbates their extreme poverty because they can't be a productive member of society when they grow up. This is why Trickle Up focuses specific programs that identify and provide support for PwDs in overcoming such circumstances.

Climate Change and the Small Islands Developing States: Using Technology to Promote Change

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) face a growing crisis as climate change raises sea levels and threatens their existence. Not only are they becoming submerged, their coral systems are at risk of bleaching, while fishing, the nutritional mainstay of the inhabitants, is becoming less and less available. Fresh water reservoirs are also becoming saline, resulting in less potable water and agricultural productivity.

My project uses technology, in the form of Google Earth, to raise awareness to the cause as a way of helping increase the resources and capacity available to combat this problem. What’s more, Islands First, the organization my group worked to produce this project for, did not itself have the resources to invest in this project, leading my group to create a financially sustainable marketing strategy that leverages Google’s own philanthropic interests.

Manual for Practitioners on Technology Deployment, Training and Support

For my final graduate school thesis project, I liaised with Global Relief Technologies, an organization that supplies software technology to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HADR) organizations (the Red Cross, UNICEF etc), to research and design a manual for deployment, training and support best practices for technology in HADR. Most interesting was the “raw” viewpoint many of those interviewed had towards technology, as research for this project was happening during the Haitian earthquake relief efforts in 2010.